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Thom parker

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Kwabena asamoah

wants to get in touch about becoming a mason.

randi valerio

greetings and salutation, I'm interested in speaking with whom it may concern about joining the fraternity.

eduardo soriano

i wanna join and be a freemason

Hanson Cuthbert

The Event's are amazing guys two thumbs up.

Joan Lockhart

While doing some genealogical research I was pleased to discover your website, which lists two of my great grandfathers as Past Masters. Joseph L. Lockhart, 1916 of the Guiding Star Angle, and Arthur A. Barr, 1919, as the first leader of the Master and Past Master Association. Thanks for keeping up the great work. (And we still have their Masonic swords and Arthur\'s apron in our family.) Joan Lockhart, Cape Cod

Edwin Nieves

Great site!

Joanne Shay, M.D.

Greetings. My Dad, Samuel H. Shay was a Mason, and I think he was a member of the Bronx Lodge. He died in 1985, and I know that some men from his lodge came to the funeral and did a ceremony in your tradition. The reason I am communicating with you is that I am putting together a book about his history, and I wonder if you would be able to send some record of his participation. He was proud to be a Mason. Thank you for considering. Joanne

Bobby Zigrest

Wonderful web site! What a great job!

Kevin Roy

Thank you for sharing this website

Jenielson Reyes

Very nice people at the lodge.

Roland Caulker

Great to be here,looking forward to next meeting.

Joseph Zimmerman

The site looks great, Good Job Taz

Gary Markus

Great so far.

Mohamed Kante

Hi,I'm Mohamed Kante,21,and student interested in joining the bronx lodge.
i'd like to know more about the lodge and contact some members of the lodge to who i can show my motives

best regards!!

Johnathan Crucey

Ive been reading about the masonic fraternity for a few years and I also have friends who are traveling men. I would like to become a mason to see the light.

Carlos Pena

Nice site


No need to congratulate me this is a great thing for all the brothers of the district.
That being said thank you my brothers all.......

Brother James Jones Jr


Miguel Ibarra

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Christopher Nieves

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John Martin

Hi Brother
From St. Lucia

Leon Weinstein

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Antonio Colon

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Charles R. Serrano

New ideas bring Improvements, which brings brotherhood, which bring COHESIVENESS which bring SUCCESS. Well done and congratulations.

Bro. Charlie

Joseph Manzi

Please include the Wednesday July 19 Charity Ball Event. 6:30 pm City Island Masonic Temple. Special drawing be entered to win a $25 gift certificate (applied toward a charity Ball Dinner Dance ticket). For every Ad you bring in you get an entry

Aug 15 Charity Ball Event. 6:30 pm City Island Masonic Temple
Special drawing be entered to win a $25 gift certificate (applied toward a charity Ball Dinner Dance ticket). For every Ad you bring in you get an entry

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Jay Werner

Hello Brothers

Charles krugler

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Edwin Berroa

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Robert Goicochea

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Taris Delgado

The website is looking good.... Bronx strong, all day long.

James Jones Jr

Hey my brothers, hope all is well! The BX is the best!

Erik LaMarca

The Beautiful Bronx

Richy bennet

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Bro. Michael Russo

Greetings Brothers!

Anthony B Colon

Hello My Brothers!
Great site Taz, keep up the good work. My illness has taken a toll on me this past 2 years, but I hope to make it out more in the future. God bless you all and Keep to the East!

Frank mercado

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Steven Rosen

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Michael C Jachimczyk

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Emilio Velez

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Brother Gilberto Agosto, Jr

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Carlos Esteves

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Marty Wattenberg

Dear Bro. Taz,
So far I think it's great --------Looking
forward to more of this site--may have more info on history of Hebron Lodge-- Marty

Edward Garcia

It's looking good W:.Fuentes. Keep up the great work,
R:.W:.Edward Garcia DDGM Of The Beautiful Bronx Disrict.

R. W. Martin Richards

Congratulations on being selected as the Webmaster for the Bronx District. I know you will do an outstanding job.

Tony Taz

Looking good so far....... :)